This is a boring, but very useful, text for your information about what's what and who's who. I will try to explain in an interesting way about the materials, the website and bits and pieces.


For your information, is me, and from now on referred to as “me”, “I”, or “”. You, the person who is viewing or interacting with this site, will be refered to as “you”, “hey you”, or if appropriate and/or necessary, “dumbass”.

This text is my contract with you, and it tells you what you can expect from this site, the content and me. It also tells you what you can and can’t do here. is my little piece of the internet, where I put up my portfolio and work, and host a small online shop.


Don’t steal my stuff. Just don’t, honestly. And by stuff I mean images, designs, content, videos, sounds… Anything you find on this site really! I hope I don’t need to say twice that all materials are © Copyright protected. They all belong to me (or I have the right to display them). You can’t use it for anything without my permission.


If you email me, your email will appear in my inbox. That’s on you. I you want me to delete any information I may have that belongs to you, let me know. If you follow me on Instagram, I might follow you back. That’s also on you. If you want me to unfollow you on Instagram, just block me. Same goes with the other social, and somewhat unsocial, medias.

Obviously I handle all the information going in and out of this website. Nobody else will get their hands on it, promise I won’t sell it.


I like cookies, but I prefer them with milk and not in the browser. However, they are necessary for the web to work, that’s just how it is.

In case you don’t know, a cookie is a small text file containing information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record-keeping purposes. Unfortunately, it does not contain chocolate chips and you can’t eat it.

If you don’t want cookies, I suggest cake or incognito web-browsing.

Cookie Origin Purpose
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and making sure you are only served the cookies you want
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SS_deltaBuffer Purely functional Provide a smoother scrolling experience
tk_ai WooCommerce Gives you a unique ID in case you use the store
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Google Fonts Google Fonts Enables the typeface on the website


This site is owned and operated by me. As I prefer not putting all my personal contact information here, please feel free to contact me for the details in case you need them!


This information may change, be added to and/or deleted… I have the right to do so, after all it is mine just as much as any other content. I will state here when they were last updates though. Just follow the law and these terms, don’t be a dumbass. I do my best following the best practices too, but hey we can all make mistakes, so let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Last updated: 210424


Do you have a problem with me? Or anything I have on Did you want to ask something? “Did he stutter??” Calm down! Lets behave like grown-ups and just tell/ask me, I’m sure we can figure it out.