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I am – you guessed it – Sandra. I am a value driven, design doing, nature loving, yoga practicing, adventure seeking multidextrous creative*. I am a restless soul who likes to have a lot to do and can often be found deeply focused on a project or working on a new idea. One of my biggest passions is design. I am trained in design, media, communication and leadership, and I have worked in a number of different roles and constellations within these fields. Through courses, interests, commitment and work experience, I have acquired intercultural competence, an understanding of communication in different markets, long-term strategic thinking, a great sense of responsibility, and self-confidence in the job I perform.

About me – Sandra S

To make a long story short: I am on a (hopefully) never-ending journey of development and exploration.

To make a short story a little longer: I entered the world of media and communication when I was a teenager and has since been fascinated with the possibilities and power in it. By using the right strategies and channels, communication holds the power to change the world. I studied media, design and communication since then, I have ended up (so far) with a bachelor’s degree in Informatics, with a specialization in Graphic Design and Web Development, and a masters degree in Media Management, with a focus on communication for human rights and sustainability. In between studying I have worked in the field in different roles, at different places and with different points of view. 

Personally, I am very value driven and – while I know it is a cliché – I have always wanted to create positive change and do what I can to influence the world in a positive direction, rather than just exist in it. 

If you wanna check out some of my work, have a look in my portfolio, or if you want to connect I am on several social medias so just pick one you like and let’s connect.

Never regret something that once made you smile.

Some brands I've worked with

Punk Office – Client – Sandra S
Equiteam International – Client – Sandra S
Infoflex – Client – Sandra S
Knorr – Client – Sandra S
SBAB – Client – Sandra S
Sandra S. – Client – Stockholm Pride
Hela – Client – Sandra S
Refunder – Client – Sandra S
SYSSM – Client – Sandra S
Red Bull – Client – Sandra S
NCS – Client – Sandra S

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A multidextrous creative

If you have made it all the way down here, I believe you’re very curious about what I mean when I title myself as a multidextrous creative. Well, I have a lot of interests and skills within the creative fields. I like to do a lot of things, and I enjoy being multidisciplinary, but that also means that I feel restrained by the titles used within professional work, as I feel as they exclude other skills I have and things I do. So, I made my own! The aim of the title is thus to include a lot, but also describe what I think I do and who I am. As myself, it focuses more on perspectives and ways of working than specific skills, and as I was composing the description I realized that it’s not actually a job title, but a personal title. I am a multidextrous creative, it’s not just what I do. 

*A multidextrous creative have a holistic way of thinking, understand that effective creativity involves a mixture of approaches, and, by tapping into different styles of thinking to examine information from different viewpoints to see new perspectives, they work to create holistic solutions with consideration to possible implications and consequences. They are multidisciplinary and move around, between and across multiple aspects of creativity across a variety of fields at all times, and aim to find the best combination in their creation and problem-solving, and develop the discipline and skills required to realize possibilities and solutions. They are a creative person who enjoys problem-solving and sense-making by utilizing the continuum of convergent-divergent thinking. They strive toward incorporating and promoting communication, collaboration and consensus in life and work. They include practical, rational, imaginative, conceptual, metaphorical and ethical perspectives when exploring any subject. They aim to establish a thorough understanding of the subject, keep the continuity of intention, identify and address obstacles, as well as support a positive, productive and diverse culture. As a creator, they utilize their design skills to form and implement effective communication and strategies. Additionally, they are humble in their way of knowing that they don’t know everything, and they always look for ways to improve their work and enhance their knowledgebase. A multidextrous creative person manifests common sense and an awareness based approach to a creative life.