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I am – you guessed it – Sandra. I am born and raised in Sweden, love animals and nature and aim to live my life holistically. I happily spend my time in downward-facing dog, take any chance I get to design, and love to explore. I am a restless soul often found searching for inspiration or working on a new idea. I like to do a lot of things, but one of my main passions is design.
About me – Sandra S

When choosing my field of study, I found the media world and instantly realized I had found a field where I could get involved in a wider extent – design and communication is relevant in all fields of work, and is also the aspect that creates change in many regards. I furthered my education in Jönköping with a bachelor’s degree in Informatics, specializing in Graphic Design and Web Development in order to keep my knowledge both wide and relevant. This opened up the opportunity to go on exchange studies in Australia, and after a semester there I stayed in the country to work and test my independence. This experience helped me grow immensely as a person, as well as gave me insight in multiple areas within communication and design.

Eventually, I did move back to Sweden, and worked within advertisement in Stockholm. After some years working in different situations and within different constellations, and with new experiences in the luggage, I had this growing feeling of wanting to do something more. I eventually sought to continue my education at The Royal Institute of Technology and graduated this spring with a Masters in Media Management. The degree has provided me with increased knowledge in strategy building, media management and leadership, but also within topics close to my heart, such as sustainability and equality. 

Graphic design, communication and marketing are big passions in my life, and I am lucky to get to work with something that I enjoy so much, but after working for a few years I have also realized that I want to do much more. Having spend time within graphic design, marketing, web development and communication for several years, I have built the belief that communication is somewhere around the core of change in the world. This is where I strive to be within what I do – changing the world… It may be a cliché, but I have always had a personal drive in creating change and influence my surrounding world in a positive direction. Of course, I’m not claiming that I can do it all, but I firmly believe I can contribute to positive change with my skills in design, media and communication. 

If you wanna check out some of my work, have a look in my portfolio, or if you want to connect I am on several social medias so just pick one you like and let’s connect.

Never regret something that once made you smile.

Some brands I've worked with

Punk Office – Client – Sandra S
Equiteam International – Client – Sandra S
Infoflex – Client – Sandra S
Knorr – Client – Sandra S
SBAB – Client – Sandra S
Sandra S. – Client – Stockholm Pride
Hela – Client – Sandra S
Refunder – Client – Sandra S
SYSSM – Client – Sandra S
Red Bull – Client – Sandra S
NCS – Client – Sandra S

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