Punk Office

3D, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, avatars… The jungle of new tech is vast and scary for many, but Punk Office is at the head of the action. By exploring and experimenting they have become one of Australias leading companies within the area. To be perceived as the high tech company they are, the branding is a mix of futurism and playfullness. They mix traditional CMYK colors with a surreal tech robot, and futuritic fonts with very serious and real information.


Every time you shop, you get money back. Thanks to Refunder. It is a network of stores, brands and their customers. A portal of offers and deals beneficial for both the shopper and the store. You simply register and start shopping in one of the popular stores connected. The stores offer Refunder provision for recommending you to shop with them, and they share that provision with you! You get real money back on all your purchases and some times even exclusive deals available only through their website. To communicate their offer to customers, they ran a campaign in the subways and train-stations of Stockholm, with complementary TV and online ads.

One Link

Every one wants to make a difference, but when you are small it can be challenging to reach through. That’s where One Link comes in. They are working at connecting smaller charities and organisations with each other and the causes they support. As a result, they are creating a network that enables everyone to make a difference, no matter their size. One Link creates a one-stop-shop for charities, where people can find charities in their areas, donate, get involved and read success stories. The branding focuses on communicating One Link’s purpose and highlighting the organisations connected to the network, rather than the network itself. The branding included logo, color choices, stationary, apparel and a website. It is highly informational but still accessible and easily navigated for the viewer.

NCS – Redesign

NCS is all about color. Defining, provide quality assurance for, and communicating color. They are passionately spreading knowledge about color and how to use it effectively and beneficially – for designers, architects, product- and material manufacturers, but also anyone who wants to learn about the power of color. NCS currently has a presence in 80 countries, with its head office in Stockholm. In order to become more accessible to their audience, the website design and flow is reimagined with color at the center of attention. It is built to engage the viewer, create excitement around color, make it easy to explore new colors and get ideas and to push NCS’s products and online shop.


Sustainability is king. And sustainable doesn’t have to mean super expensive and exclusive, or cheap and poor quality. By manufacturing naturally recyclable jeans in great quality and for a reasonable price, Mustis is a brand of the people. To bring it to the next level, they even offer to fix any brand of broken jeans in store at no expense, if you have once bought a pair of Mustus jeans. To demonstrate that anyone can contribute to a better world, the jeans and the unique product is at the focus point of the branding. Mustus is young, fresh and conscious and shows that through their earthy branding and down-to-earth tone of voice.


Knorr is all about high quality, tasteful and healthy food, and sustainability from produce at the farm to the table at home. For decades they have dedicated themselves to help teach everyone to cook and eat simple and wholesome food. They keep focus on local foods, specialties and markets, while being an international brand. When launching their campaign “The digital greenhouse”, where the target audience is educated and informed on sustainability and healthy cooking, Knorr wanted a website where they could easily display their material and host a competition to win an actual little greenhouse. The website, though stand-alone, is well recognised in Knorr’s trusted branding.

Equi Team International

In order to have a good relationship with your horse, as well as succeeding in your training, working as a team and feeling like one, you have to look at the whole picture. In order to help riders and their horses with training, rehabilitation and diet, as well as creating lasting bonds, Equi Team International provides customized services and a helping hand. This differentiates Equi Team from veterinarians, trainers and breeders, they have a unique edge in the business – and their identity does as well. To stand out from the traditional brands in the business, Equi Team International is build with a unique handpicked signature color, matched with colorful and inviting pictures. It’s all highly information-focused and created always with the user first in mind – just like the business itself.


Pherum is not just a lamp, it’s a statement. In a slim and clean design, delivered in three metallic finishes, it provides light and decoration for the modern and stylish home. It fuses the modern design with the traditions of royal elegance and class, as well as functionality. The branding is closely connected to the product itself, centering on the simplicity and metallic colors. Each of the colors were given a name and a custom logo to enhance the color and what it represents.

Living Ashram

Live a happy, healthy, connected life of purpose and meaning. That is the Living Ashram philosophy. Standing for such great purpose and values they encourage you to journey deeply, connect back to yourself, and the world beyond, and the bradning represents just that. The colors are focusing on Living Ashram’s holistic outlook on life, while embracing the natural inner child in humans. Taking inspiration from kaleidoscopes and playfulness the design becomes a center part of the Living Ashram and what they want to communicate and stand for.


Serving food in biodegradable packaging, baking muffins from locally produced ingredients, planting trees for every coffee sold – Kafijas is a sustainable and ecological café worthy of its good reputation. By mixing the sustainable business idea with a refreshing sense of coffee-humor, Kafijas distinguish themselves and makes the choice of where to buy a coffee simple. The design is slightly restro and earthy, and highlights the natural ingredients and products. The unique brand-details can be found in all elements around the shop, and the humor and ease is the center of attention.